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How Big Is LHC ? This 360 Video Will Stun You

How Big Is LHC ? A 360 Video Will Stun You

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is impressive for a great many reasons. But forget about all that cutting-edge science for a moment and instead marvel at the scale of the engineering behind the project. This video by the BBC takes you on a 360 tour of the world's largest scientific experiment.

Here Is How You Also Can Discover Gravitational Wave At Home

Last month, the world celebrated as physicists confirmed the existence of gravitational waves , proving Einstein right for the umpteenth time. But if you were looking to get in on the glory that comes with catching a spacetime ripple, now's your chance. This week, scientists began enlisting ordinary plebs like

New Research : Star Birth By Dark Matter Satellites

Using computer simulations, astronomers from the University of California-Riverside have presented a novel analysis of computer simulations, based on theoretical models to explain massive star formation observed in dwarf galaxies, reports IANS. The researchers found that during a dark matter satellite’s closest approach to a dwarf galaxy, through gravity it compresses

Space Exploration : India and US to Collaborate

India and the US Thursday discussed the possibilities of collaboration in future #Mars exploration projects and other space missions. The Mars Working Group of the two countries, which met Thursday, sought to identify and implement goals that #NASA and #ISRO share on Mars exploration, particularly coordinated observations and science analysis between