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NCERT Solutions for Class 6th Science Chapter 4 : Sorting Materials Into Groups

CBSE NCERT Solutions for Class 6th Science Chapter 4 : Sorting Materials Into Groups. NCERT Class 6 Science Solutions

Page No: 33
1. Name five objects which can be made from wood.
Five objects which can be made from wood
• Table
• Chair
• Desk
• Door

2. Select those objects from the following which shine:
Glass bowl, plastic toy, steel spoon, cotton shirt

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Glass, bowl, steel spoon

3. Match the objects given below with the materials from which they could be made. Remember, an object could be made from more than one material and a given material could be used for making many objects.

Book Glass
Tumbler Wood
Chair Paper
Toy Leather
Shoes Plastics


Book Paper
Tumbler Glass, Plastic
Chair Wood, Plastic
Toy Wood, Paper, Plastic
Shoes Leather

4. State whether the statements given below are ‘True’ or ‘False’.

(i) Stone is transparent, while glass is opaque.
► False

(ii) A notebook has lustre, while an eraser does not.
► False
(iii) Chalk dissolves in water.
► False
(iv) A piece of wood floats on water.
► True
(v) Sugar does not dissolve in water.
► False
(vi) Oil mixes with water.
► False
(vii) Sand settles down in water.
► True
(viii) Vinegar dissolves in water.
► True

Page No: 34

5. Given below are the names of some objects and materials:

Water, basket ball, orange, sugar, globe, apple, and earthen pitcher
Group them as:
(a) Round shaped and other shapes
(b) Eatables and non-eatables


(a) Round-shaped: Basketball, orange, globe, apple, earthen pitcher
Other shapes: Water, sugar
(b) Eatables: Water, orange, sugar, apple
Non-eatables: Basketball, globe, earthen pitcher

6. List all items known to you that float on water. Check and see if they will float on an oil or kerosene.
Sponge’s piece, Plastic Bottle, Paper’s piece, Thermocol’s piece, Wood, Plastic ball, Cork are the known to you that float on water. No, they will not float on an oil or kerosene.

7. Find the odd one out from the following:

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(a) Chair, Bed, Table, Baby, Cupboard
► Baby as it is living being while others are non-living.

(b) Rose, Jasmine, Boat, Marigold, Lotus
► Boat as it is used for transportation purpose while others are flowers.
(c) Aluminium, Iron, Copper, Silver, Sand
► Sand as it non-metal while others are metals.
(d) Sugar, Salt, Sand, Copper sulphate
►Sand as it is insoluble in water while others are soluble in water.

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